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Only available in sustainable

17 April 2023

LEO WORKWEAR is exhibiting on stand 3/A40 at the Health and Safety Event, showcasing the latest innovations, not yet on the shelf.

The company is be celebrating its new commitment: “only available in sustainable” – which means Leo will only order EcoViz products by the end of 2023. EcoViz is the leading brand in sustainable high visibility clothing, denoting products made from recycled or sustainably sourced fabrics. 

By moving all product to its EcoViz brand, Leo aims to change purchasing habits. Instead of offering an “eco range”, they are changing the question from “Is it eco or not?” to “which eco product should I choose?”.

With over 280 products, Leo will offer EcoViz garments from standard waistcoats all the way up to high-performance foul-weather apparel, ensuring protection for the whole body regardless of the weather conditions or light level.

At Leo, sustainability is as much about product durability and longevity as it is about which fabric is used. By wearing garments that are specifically designed in this way, we can prevent wastage and reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill. Using durable components that are proven to stand the test of time, ensures Leo garments can be worn for longer, washed more and replaced less. Many EcoViz products are certified to 50 wash cycles, twice the industry standard. Products designed in this way need to be seen and felt in order to tell the difference, and an exhibition like the Health and Safety Event is an excellent opportunity to do this.

Leo will be sharing how the EcoViz range has enabled many projects in construction, highways and rail to significantly reduce their environmental impact since its launch in 2019.

They will be sharing how the journey from supplier to garment end-of-life has sustainability at its heart. From the way they choose their suppliers that meet the strongest ethical and corporate social responsibility standards, to how they package all products in their ‘Leo Cares’ 100% recycled, fully recyclable and biodegradable plastic bags, to working with specialists in garment end-of-life recycling. 

Leo Workwear will also showcase their increasing range of garments designed to enable people to do their job that would otherwise be hindered by a lack of appropriate PPE. With the largest women’s high visibility clothing range, the first maternity clothing in the UK and the only stocked modesty tunic. This means that by purchasing Leo Workwear garments, companies will not only fulfil their sustainability goals but enable more people to be safe, seen and protected within their organisation.

Visit Leo Workwear at the Health and Safety Event 2023 – Stand 3/A40.

For more information, visit leoworkwear.com.