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Inclusivity, Sustainability, Hivizology

08 March 2023

OVER THE last 40 years, Leo Workwear has become a leading high visibility clothing brand, renowned for innovation and for putting wearers first, ensuring they are safe, protected, and comfortable in equal measure.

Its focus over the last year, and throughout 2023, is three core principles of Inclusivity, Sustainability and Hivizology.

The company believes that when companies partner with Leo on these three core principles, it can assist in fulfilling their goals. Whether that’s by clothing their workers in the garments that best protect them for the conditions, ensuring wearers feel valued by access to appropriate PPE, or lessening their impact on the world.

Inclusivity – safety for all

Leo believes everybody should have access to appropriate PPE that ensures their safety at work, regardless of their size, gender, or faith. That is why it stock its men’s range in sizes small to 6XL, and its women’s range from size 626 and consider the difference in body shapes throughout the design process.

This year sees the 10th anniversary of its pioneering women’s high visibility range, which the company says is now the most comprehensive on the market and continues to grow year-on-year.

Extensive research and wearer trials have inspired Leo to improve and evolve the range, focusing on it and quality, using innovative fabrics, the newest reflective tape technologies, and the highest quality components.

The company also stocks a modesty tunic, allowing women to stay safe while adhering to their beliefs, and a maternity range, recently adding a jacket maternity expander. 2023 will see several exciting new developments born out of interaction with the people that rely on their PPE every day.

Sustainability – Leo cares

First and foremost, providing sustainable clothing is about designing products that last longer, can be washed more, and are replaced less frequently.

However, in 2019 the company took a further step as the first to market in the UK with high visibility products made from recycled polyester with the launch of its EcoViz brand.

In the following years, Leo has become synonymous with sustainability as it addressed every stage of the product lifecycle. 

As part of its ‘Leo Cares’ initiative, it has worked with suppliers on their environmental practices and continued to work hard on product design by transitioning over 60% of our range to EcoViz recycled fibers. 

Leo has revolutionised its packaging by partnering with Change Plastic for Good to provide a plastic bag that is 100% recycled, fully recyclable, and biodegradable, even in soil, landfill, or the ocean. The company also partnered with Avena Environmental, a specialist in garment end-of-life recycling. 

Hivizology - Hear from the experts 

Hivizology is the word Leo uses when it talks about keeping people safe through advice, thought leadership, and ticking every box on conformance.

As proud members of the BSIF and a long-term registered safety supplier, Leo takes conformance to the relevant standards extremely seriously. It has quality management systems in place; certiied to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 

The company is always available to its customers to provide advice and share our expertise with the world through our www.hivizology.com blog.

If you are looking for experts in providing high-quality products, that assist in fulilling your safety, sustainability and inclusion goals, partner with Leo Workwear today. 

For more information, visit www.leoworkwear.com