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New industrial visors from JSP

19 May 2021

THE JSP EVOGuard C Industrial range comprises five high performance clear visors for use with EVOGuard browguard systems and EVO helmets. EVOGuard is designed to maximise compatibility.

One-piece moulded visors are supplied with both helmet and browguard fittings, reducing the number of parts and spares. EVOGuard C Industrial visors offer comprehensive facial coverage without limiting movement. The wraparound visor design provides a panoramic view with minimal distortion. Choosing from a range of five high performance visors enables users to select the perfect option for their task and price point.

Strong nylon hinges keep the unit securely on the head with balanced weight distribution, even during extreme movement. The JSP Revolution wheel ratchet enables quick and easy tightening to the perfect fit. EVOGuard browguards are adjustable in three directions: an over-the-crown slide fitting plus additional height and depth settings offer a precise and individual fit for a wide range of users.

All EVOGuard C Industrial visors are optical class 1, for comfortable all-day wear, and offer UV filtering to protect the eyes against ultraviolet radiation. The range offers up to A rated impact resistance when used with EVO helmets, and medium energy protection when worn with the EVOGuard browguard. EVOGuard MAX visors feature an integral chinguard for extended coverage while maintaining excellent vision. EVOGuard C5MAX visor provides electric arc protection to GS-ET-29.

EVOGuard C Industrial visors offer full compatibility with EVOGuard® browguards and EVO helmets. Sonis ear defenders integrate seamlessly to provide compatible hearing protection. EVOGuard is also designed to work with prescription glasses, Force 8 with PressToCheck, and JSP disposable respirators for complete above-the-neck protection.

For more information, visit www.jspsafety.com