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Mercury detection in three seconds

21 June 2022

THE MERCURY vapour Indicator (MVI) from Ion Science can detect mercury continuously and, unlike other technologies, does not saturate or rely on waiting for gold film to regenerate. Ergonomically designed for simple, one-handed operation, the MVI is the ideal survey unit for rapid and reliable mercury detection.

Human activity is the main cause of mercury releases, particularly coal-fired power stations, residential coal burning, industrial processes, waste incinerators and it can also enter the soil from fertilizers, fungicides and from solid waste i.e. thermometers, fluorescent lighting or electrical switches.

The presence of mercury in the environment does not always lead to exposure. For it to cause any adverse health effects, a person must come into contact with it by breathing the vapours or ingesting it.

A high-performance pump ensures fast indication and recovery and the instrument’s audible alarm and large digital display clearly indicate the levels of mercury present. With ultimate portability, excellent battery life and fast recharging, fewer analysers are needed on-site which also reduces the cost of monitoring. 

The MVI is available to hire or buy from Shawcity. Visit www.shawcity.co.uk