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Lightweight 5-in-1 fire extinguisher

23 February 2022

FIRES CAN devastate homes and lives, fact. On average there are 37,000 housefires a year and over 200 deaths which are mainly cause by electrical misuse in the home.

To tackle these awful facts LifeSafe Technologies have come up with a lightweight, compact aerosol fire extinguisher that is different from your everyday clunky metal fire extinguisher. Gone are the days of expensive and ugly metal canisters sitting in the corner of your kitchen. This small 5-in-1 extinguisher can travel anywhere with you; in the car, camping, fishing and at work and it very easy to use. Instead of the normal method of pulling a release on an extinguisher, all you have to do is take off the cap and spray.

The StaySafe 5-in-1 also puts out 5 different types of fires:

  • Electrical
  • Cooking oil
  • Textiles
  • Petrol/Diesel
  • Paper/Card

You would usually need to have different types of normal extinguishers for each type of fire however this one, nifty product does it all for you. One of LifeSafe’s customers said “I have recommended this product and company to anyone who will listen. Thankfully, I [personally] have not had to test their products out… but I like the compact size of their extinguisher… I have one in the car, one in the kitchen and one upstairs.”

Another benefit of the StaySafe 5-in-1 is that it has been tested rigorously against British standards

  • FEA Part 1 and Part 2
  • Conforms to BS 5597
  • Confirmed to extinguish 5 types of fire – Electrical, Textiles, Paper/Card, Cooking Oil, Petrol/Diesel

This product is so unique that standards rarely keep up with innovation so the EN3 test are designed for metal containers. So due to the StaySafe 5-in-1’s size, construction and innovative nature mean the EN3 test are not designed for this product. Therefore, LifeSafe requested that BSI independently tested and verified the product to ensure it is safe and effective… They really do try to think of it all!

This no-mess fire extinguisher also has minimal impact on the environment in contrast to the traditional powder extinguishers which ruin the surface they’re sprayed on and get in the water supply. The solution inside the StaySafe 5-in-1 canister is not harmful to plant life or water and barely leaves a trace once it has been sprayed. The bottle is also fully recyclable meaning no waste! Not only this but the liquid inside has a 3-year shelf life so you don’t have to keep replacing it every year and just be happy in the fact that it’s close by – just in case.

Other innovative products from LifeSafe Technologies includes PanSafe. This is an easy-to-use sachet that can be thrown into pan fires so as to not spread the fire around and to put it out at its source. As per the StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher, it is compact and can slide easily into your kitchen draw so you can use it quickly and effectively. It smothers the fire and even eliminates the toxic gas left behind limiting the amount of mess and damage. 

Not only is LifeSafe all about protecting yourselves and your family but also detecting hazards. With this in mind, they have also recently launched a new Carbon monoxide detector with a loud 85dB sound alarm which is coming soon to Greenham. Carbon monoxide or the ‘silent killer’ has no taste or smell so can be really hard to detect hence why a carbon monoxide detector should be put near gas fires, cookers and solid fuel stoves. It’s scary to think that on average 50 people a year die from something that could so easily be prevented just with a small device. Do you have a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home?

Not only does LifeSafe focus on fires but also all aspects of family living. You don’t think you will ever need to use some of these products, but wouldn’t you feel a little safer knowing that one is in your cupboard, your car, your toolbox or on your shelf? Don’t let a fire ruin your moments wherever you may be this year. Get a LifeSafe product today, and you could save you or your families lives…