LOBO goes online to beat COVID-19

24 March 2020

Online and live product demonstrations have been a part of everyday life at LOBO for over 12 months.

We have implemented the process to accelerate sales and develop product awareness worldwide.

We have transformed our sales process to include, at the start of the sales cycle, a live Internet product demonstration.

These on-line meetings only take 15 minutes and are an opportunity for us to meet our customers face to face, all from the comfort of their office.

The results speak for themselves; we have never had any negative feedback and all attendees have the all-important Eureka moment and want to know more. Our mission is then accomplished.

Since the advent of the COVID 19 virus, we have decided to accelerate our online training process to all national and international customers. This is creating a workaround to unnecessary business travel and social distancing, many companies want to reduce visitors to their premises.

Training is an essential part of the LOBO System and it provides competent person status complete with a LOBO training certificate. Successful trainees are deemed competent to assemble, inspect and use the product. We now have our own Online Training Procedural Manual PDF.