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Detectable protection with integrated structural comfort

04 November 2022

THE SPRINGFIT Detectable range of disposable respirators from JSP combine the unique Springfit endoskeleton and integrated spring feature with detectable technology, providing an excellent fit and comfortable wear in environments requiring contamination control.

The respirators are visually detectable, with bright blue mask body and valve cover, in case of loss within a controlled area. An annealed wire nosepiece enables identification by metal detectors. Ultra-sonic welded construction ensures there are no detachable parts, such as staples or clips, for safe use in food production and other work environments requiring contamination control. 

SpringfitTM Detectable respirators are manufactured with an internal frame, helping the mask to maintain its shape. The integrated spring feature absorbs facial movements to provide a secure fit. An adjustable nosepiece welded inside the mask body enables a tighter fit around the nose bridge with minimal irritation, combined with a built-in foam face seal for increased comfort. 

Fitted with TyphoonTM valve technology, the range offers exceptionally low breathing resistance, and reduced heat and moisture build-up within the facepiece. The respirators are compact and lightweight, with fold-flat design making the masks easy to carry in a pocket. Each respirator is individually packed for hygiene and convenient dispensing. 

JSP says that its SpringfitTM Detectable range meets the requirements of EN 149, with FFP3 and FFP2 filtration levels available, offering respiratory protection against hazardous particles. The masks are designed to be low-profile, offering an improved field of vision and maximising compatibility with other above-the-neck PPE. 

For more information, visit www.jspsafety.com