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IWFM and Equans unite to drive sustainability

23 April 2024

THE INSTITUTE of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) has entered into a new strategic partnership with Equans – a market leader in the energy and services sector; a collaboration that will leverage the huge potential of the workplace and facilities sector to help drive sustainability across organisations.

The workplace and facilities management (WFM) profession is uniquely placed to lead on sustainability, and net zero plans in particular, because it is the only function that brings together the needs of the landlord, the end-user and the supply chain. The partners share a mission to change the perception of this lynchpin role in driving sustainability outcomes and impacts within organisations and across the built environment.

Through an initial two-year collaboration, IWFM will incorporate Equans’ expertise in thought leadership, insights and guidance to empower the profession in this mission. Together the partners will engage IWFM’s membership and broader audiences in the sustainability conversation and educate stakeholders on the purpose, actions and potential of sustainability, challenging on the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and ways to do more and to do better. Planned initiatives include:

  • Sustainability Survey Reports 2024 and 2025 
  • Sustainability Guidance
  • Hosting Educational Webinars and Awareness Campaigns

IWFM and Equans share a vision to accelerate the transition to a low carbon world and establish the profession and WFM organisations as a key differentiator in achieving a sustainable world.  Throughout the collaboration, each will fully utilise their respective resources, such as the IWFM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and engagement with external stakeholders, to positively act and measure, analyse and continuously improve sustainability outcomes over time. 

IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis said, "This Earth Day I’m delighted to announce our collaboration with Equans. Sustainability is a pressing global concern and at the top of the organisational agenda. IWFM research shows that WFM can play a lynchpin role in driving change which benefits people and planet. Through our joint initiatives, we aim to engage the entire WFM sector, highlighting its role in sustainability and laying a solid foundation for the future whereby we transition intent into positive action and significant progress."

David Carr, divisional CEO of sustainable FM at Equans UK & Ireland said, "WFM is a key driver for organisational outcomes and plays a leading role in sustainability. With this collaboration, we want to combine the best of Equans’ work with the IWFM focus, ensuring that organisations, professionals and the community have up-to-date and actionable research with which to strategise, act and bring about positive sustainability outcomes. We look forward to publishing our work and track progress over time, ensuring that our collaboration engages and motivates as many people as possible to act on this crucial issue."

The first initiative from the partnership is a panel discussion next week on ‘realising the role of FM and Net Zero’ at The Workplace Event 2024, chaired by IWFM’s Sofie Hooper and featuring Amelle Mestari, director of procurement and CSR at Equans UK & Ireland. Centred on the IWFM Sustainability Survey Report 2023, the discussion will advocate for organisations to empower facilities managers more over ROI metrics in delivering net zero ambitions, with several approaches for overcoming the intent-action gap.

The panel discussion will outline the challenges, opportunities and ambitions for WFM in achieving sustainability goals and realising their full change agent potential. The panel will share their different perspectives, experiences and explore the opportunities and the ‘how to’ of overcoming barriers, against a backdrop of a fast-changing world.