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IOSH aims to boost Nigerian safety standards

28 July 2019

THE INSTITUTION of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is entering into a partnership with the Lagos State Government in Nigeria to train people on workplace safety and health.

Earlier this year IOSH signed a memorandum of collaboration with the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSC). The agreement proposed IOSH oversee the training of professionals, while the Commission pledges to promote the Institution and the benefits of membership.

Alan Stevens, Head of Global Engagement and Partnerships at IOSH, has been in Lagos this week meeting with senior stakeholders within the LSC and training providers to develop a plan for how the initiative will be taken forward and build upon the spirit of collaboration.

Hakeem Dickson, the Director General of the LSC, said his agency will make every effort to promote occupational health and safety and will ensure there is appropriate capacity across the state to ensure competency.

He said: “Our aim is to develop a strong safety culture through the leaders where organisations in every sector would be compelled to set up a safety department. We aim to save more lives and properties, hence our intention of moving the agency from its embryonic level to a more matured level. As such, we’ve decided to bridge this gap by providing tools to enhance competency within the state. Our collaboration with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health will help to train our people on safety and health in Nigeria.”

The partnership will strengthen relationships and build capacity for a significant number of practitioners, managers, graduates and more from any discipline. As part of their commitment, the LSC will promote IOSH training courses and encourage people to become members of the Institution.

Alan Stevens said IOSH is keen to share best practice and learn from others to ensure everyone goes home from work safely. “We respect and admire the vision and determination of Hon. Hakeem Dickson and the Lagos State Safety Commission and we are determined to support in every way we possibly can to ensure that the vision becomes a reality,” Alan says.

“IOSH, as the largest health and safety professional body in the world, has a very clear strategy through 2022 and beyond which is focused on collaboration to enhance and influence professionals globally.”

IOSH’s consultant for the project, Mrs Funmi Adegbola, said: “We are working on partnerships with different investors who would provide some funding towards the project to support individuals who meet the subsidy eligibility criteria.”

Lagos State Head of Service, Mr Hakeem Muri-Okunola, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Public Service Office, Mr Samson Ajibade, said the issue of safety was paramount and emphasized that it was an issue that should be prioritised by every government.

The Lagos State Safety Commission was established ten years ago to set standards for worker protection. It aims to discourage unsafe behaviour and attitudes to reduce workplace accidents and work-related illness and boost national productivity and quality of life.

These activities build on the recent collaboration involving IOSH and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations in Ghana as the institution looks to ensure that working people are protected around the world.