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Free webinar series on homeworking mistakes to avoid

06 June 2022

HOMEWORKING AND hybrid working has never been more commonplace, but far too many employees are making do with make-shift and unsuitable arrangements which could leave them suffering from a range of different musculoskeletal issues. What is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for their employers could now see them pay in loss of productivity and lost days down the line.

That is why Osmond Ergonomics is holding a ‘Homeworking Done Right’ series of free webinars designed to help both employers and employees take the steps they need to ensure home office setups are the best they can be.

Osmond Ergonomics is the UK’s most knowledgeable and respected provider of innovative products and services to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity, with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and ergonomists as part of their network.

Three how-to webinars, available for free on the Osmond Ergonomics website, have been created by the expert team covering key elements of good homeworking practice, from an employer’s duty of care to staff working in their own homes, the risks of poor home office set up, how to maintain a good posture at a desk, and information on the products and tools that can help.

Stuart Entwistle, Training Manager at Osmond Ergonomics said, “The pandemic has made radical changes to how and where we work, with many more of us now spending at least part of the working week away from the traditional office.

“But, while risk assessment and health and safety processes were well established by employers within those traditional offices, these processes have not been extended to the home working environment in far too many cases.”

‘Homeworking Done Right’ launched on Wednesday May 18, with the first hour long session covering ‘Homeworkers – Employers’ duty of care’, followed on Wednesday June 8 with ‘Homeworkers – Products’ from 12:00 – 13:00 and finally ‘Posture Tips for Home & Office Workers’ at the same time on Wednesday June 22.

Guy Osmond added, “Worker wellbeing has been the focus of our business for three decades – since long before we even used that term. Time and again I have seen the health impact on people with poor work setups.

“I feel we are at a crucial turning point here. We have a real opportunity to get homeworking right and set the foundations for healthy homeworking practices for the future. On the other hand, if employers and their team members don’t take steps now, they will undoubtedly pay down the line – through musculoskeletal injuries, reduced productivity, higher staff turnover and lost working hours.

“I really hope as many people as possible will tune into these webinars and reap the benefits for themselves and their businesses.”

To find out more and book a free space for the ‘Homeworking Done Right’ webinars, visit: https://ergonomics.co.uk/pages/homeworking-done-right