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Enhance protection with tamper evident solutions

21 April 2021

TAMPERTECH’S SECURITY seals are a critical tool in providing an immediate additional layer of security to hospital wards all over the world.

The flexibility of design ensures there can be a tamper evident seal applied to cupboards and drawers that store lifesaving equipment and medicine.

Medical equipment stock levels, security and safety is vital in protecting patients’ lives from everything to crash carts being fully stocked to stopping medicines and drugs being stolen and replaced by fakes or substituted. Tamper evident seals deliver protection through a clearly visible void indication and security cuts.

The application of a simple label or tape can help the fight in life and death situations by offering a clear and simple visible indication if any of the drawers or cupboards have been opened, so those attending know if a crash cart has everything, they will need in it. The same goes with the drawers and cupboards on wards or in private rooms, knowing that everything is where it should be quickly and easily can save time and lives.

With TamperTech as your supplier of ISO quality approved tamper evident solutions, you will enhance the full traceability of your products, by visibly protecting lifesaving equipment.

Fully integrates into existing procedures

These tamper evident tapes and labels are simple to integrate into your existing procedures. You do not have to change a thing.  They can be applied when stock check is taking place, so once a label with a sequential number has been applied, as long as it remains untampered a visual inspection of the labels is all it would require until hospital employees need to access what’s inside, at this point the security cuts would break giving easy access to what’s inside, just as easy as before.

The tapes and labels can be applied automatically or manually and require no training to apply. A choice of roll widths and lengths are available and specific features, for example finger lift labels have been developed to help with manual applications, and dual number tabs making track and trace of labels easier.

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