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Remote monitoring of hazardous materials

07 July 2021

A USER friendly, secure software system for the remote management of hazardous materials, Chemstore’s Compliance platform provides end-to-end management for the seamless control of your organisation’s hazardous materials.

The Chempli platform can bolt on to any new or existing storage facility to create an engineered monitoring system that be accessed from anywhere in the World.

Our fully automated control systems allow authorised personnel to easily and securely view the live status of a storage area – monitoring for: -

  • Fire events
  • Temperature range 
  • Access logs
  • Inventory
  • Lone worker alarms 
  • SDS logs
  • Safety procedures
  • Training records
  • Site maps 

Chemstore’s Chempli suite of modules, are compliant with major legislation such as COSHH, DSEAR regulations & HSE best practice.

Local or remote management is achieved through desktop, laptop or mobile devices or via a QR code on each chemical storage unit.

Access to site map and safety procedure information may be granted to emergency response teams to facilitate an efficient response in the case of an emergency or major incident.

Individual password protected access using the latest security protocols (SSL).

Contact Chemstore for more information and a free demonstration online or at your facility, visit www.chemstore.co.uk