Gas cylinder storage

07 March 2016

Chemstore, the hazardous materials storage experts who have over 23 years experience in the field of hazardous materials and dangerous goods storage, are reminding users of gas cylinders to check they are storing the units correctly. 

In its Guidance note GN2 for the storage of gas cylinders in the workplace, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) recommends that gas cylinders should be stored externally in well secured compounds or cages rather than in storage cabinets.

Chemstore's GasVault Units, which are specifically designed to provide a safe, ergonomic range of storage solutions for gas cylinder products, are designed in accordance with this guidance. 

As is explained in the BCGA Guidance, all gas cylinders, even those containing inert gases, will ultimately rupture if exposed to fire so firefighters want to be able to see and apply cooling water to cylinders from a distance. They also want cylinders secured against theft which is why external storage in locked cages such as a eGasVault Unit is their preferred method of storage.

The standard range of GasVault Units includes several variations while bespoke designs to satisfy specific site layouts and storage requirements are also available. See for examples of a latest design.