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Brake comments on video call dangers

19 October 2020

THE 2020 RAC Report on Motoring has revealed that 1 in 5 drivers aged 17-24 admit to making or receiving video calls when driving, and a further 1 in 10 say they play games on their phone when behind the wheel.

Brake, the road safety charity, have voiced their concern on these findings and are calling for a complete ban on the use of a phone when driving, including hands-free. The road safety campaigners claim this view is supported by evidence, which shows hands-free devices impairing driving as much as hand-held, and are urging the Government to provide clarity in the law, before more lives are lost.

Commenting, Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake said, “Any use of a phone behind the wheel is dangerous but the fact that such a large proportion of young drivers admit to making video calls and playing games really beggars belief.

“We need clarity in the law around phone use behind the wheel, and we need it now. The government must implement a full ban on phone use when driving, including hands-free, to make the dangers crystal clear to the public and to crack-down on this reckless behaviour. The police must also be provided with the right tools and investment to enforce the roads effectively.

“In the wrong hands, a car is a lethal weapon and even a moment’s distraction from the road can have catastrophic consequences. More than 75 people are killed on UK roads every day and with driver distraction levels seemingly on the rise, the Government must step in and act, now.”