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BOHS launches mentoring programme

10 June 2020

THE BRITISH Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has launched a new mentoring programme for its members.

The new BOHS mentoring programme is catering for emerging Occupational Hygiene professionals seeking t develop their skills and long standing BOHS members looking to give back to the profession. It offers participants a platform to develop professional skills and networks and provides benefits for both mentors and mentees. Every active member of BOHS, regardless of their experience can join as a mentor, mentee or both.

Built on an online platform, the BOHS mentoring program will fulfil the member requirements for effective mentoring relationships and directly aligns with two key objectives of the Society:

  1. To promote the profession of Occupational Hygiene
  2. To improve the practice of Occupational Hygiene and the knowledge, competence and standing of its practitioners

The built-in matching algorithm of the platform link mentors and mentees based on functional skills, industry, career interests and other attributes. Following an appropriate match, mentors and mentees start their mutual mentoring journey, with goal setting, regular meetings and review of goal and milestones.

To support the mentoring relationship, the platform provides mentoring guides, templates and instructional videos, along with integrated collaboration tools to support learning and skills transfer.

BOHS CEO Kevin Bampton said: “The workplace environment is as complex as a natural environment. Beyond the extensive scientific knowledge required of occupational hygienists and technological expertise, there is a complex skills set required. Such skills are best acquired and sharpened by experience. The mentoring programme is a vital means by which skills can be developed and individuals can develop their careers. The enthusiasm for this scheme in the membership demonstrates its importance and value. By having a structured and collegiate scheme, supported by the latest technology, the Society is continuing to further the protection of worker health by promoting the highest standards.”

BOHS offers a diverse range of membership options both for professional Occupational Hygienists and anyone interested in worker health protection. There are many benefits to joining BOHS, including professional recognition and development opportunities, networking opportunities with discounted rates to all BOHS events and access to a variety of free regional meetings. Also, members receive frequent updates on the Society and the profession through exclusive member publications and a free subscription to the scientific journal 'Annals of Work Exposures and Health', worth over £1.000 per year.

You can access BOHS mentoring platform here.