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Essential solutions for a safe return to work

17 June 2020

As industry prepares to return to work, following months of lockdown, employers have a duty to ensure their premises are safe before allowing workers to resume their jobs.

Before any operations can begin, workplaces are having to be thoroughly sanitised to ensure any surfaces workers may touch are disinfected. Thorough risk assessments need to be completed to identify potential hazards and where necessary, remedial action taken. HR managers will also have to implement safe working practices to ensure staff observe Social Distancing requirements.

Safe areas, walkways and one-way systems to segregate staff will become the new ‘normal’, while for office-based staff, desk screens are having to be installed, along with other segregation measures to ensure direct contact with their co-workers is kept to a minimum.

Integrated safety solutions specialist, ASG Services has been quick to respond to changing needs and is supplying essential items to the warehousing sector to ensure new working practices can be adopted as quickly – and as safely – as possible.

Chris Hopkirk, sales director for ASG Services, said: “As a segregation specialist, we have long been supplying our core products such as safety barriers, labelling & signage, netting & racking, and floor marking. Now, as the warehousing industry prepares to resume full operations after lockdown, we are additionally supplying products to ensure workers remain safe in their adapted working environments.”

To help firms observe Social Distancing rules, ASG has produced a new range of floor and wall/rack signage, reinforcing the requirement to keep 2 metres (6 feet) apart at all times. To identify one-way systems and designated walkways, it is also supplying adhesive tape, some even displaying the Social Distancing message.
It is also supplying anti-viral acrylic desk screens and new foaming sanitiser, which is suitable for both personal hygiene and surfaces alike. 

For further information on any of ASG’s products and services, visit www.asgservices.co.uk