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Vision of safety

23 August 2021

WITH A wide range of comfortable and protective safety and prescription eyewear, Bollé Safety has the right type of equipment, adapted to the job.

As 90% of eye injuries could be avoided if wearing the proper protective eyewear, we made it our mission at Bollé Safety to protect worker’s vision, all over the world, in the harshest environments and improve their precision & performance for them to give their fullest.

Led by innovation for over 130 years, Bollé Safety develop all its products and services to go beyond both our wearers expectations and international standards. As a result, comfort, protection, durability, and quality are inherent asset of each Bollé Safety model, in both our plano and prescription ranges. PLATINUM is a perfect example of this innovation and is the market leading permanent double-sided K and N, anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

With dedicated customer services, the company makes it a priority to offer you a customised answer to your specific need and to ensure that you find the right products and the right fit to guarantee the safety of all of your employees.

As a sign of quality and consistency, Bollé Safety is a proud member of BSIF and have been certified ISO 9001. Because vision ensures precision and productivity, and is a strong vector of communication, we strongly believe that your eyes require the ultimate protection and that is why we are always innovating on products, services and processes to ensure you have the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your eye protection.

Bollé Safety is also auditing its different partners to ensure that we share the same sustainable values and work ethics and that we act together towards more eco-friendly consciousness through our Go Green Plan.

Recognised as one of the key companies in the safety eyewear sector, the company takes it as one of its responsibility to become more conscious and to push the whole industry towards more sustainability, at every level.

Because the need for more sustainability should never surpass the need for safe products which is at the core of our industry, we have done multiple tests to combine protection and sustainability within our products. We are therefore confident that all our conscious innovations that you have access to will never be at the detriment of your safety. As a result, we are proud to offer you today EN166 certified bio-based frames, frames made of recycled material and packaging options without plastic.

But greener products and packaging are only part of our commitment for more sustainability in the PPE industry. Indeed, we are working to bring parts of our production back to the United Kingdom. From late 2020, some of our products are 100% sourced, manufactured and recycled in the UK. As a result, we become more agile to our customers’ unique needs, our products have a reduced carbon footprint, and we safeguard jobs in the United Kingdom. This first step to more local production is just the beginning, and we are hoping to offer you more local products in the near future.

A great way to protect your vision, the planet and the UK’s economy.