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New range for healthcare professionals

08 June 2023

BOLLÉ SAFETY is launching a new range called CURA, consisting of two models: the face shield - CURA F, and the protective goggle - CURA G. These provide the highest quality protection meeting European (CE) and British (UKCA) standards.

CURA F: This face shield, available in stock, provides optimal protection thanks to its frontal protection. The frame can be cleaned, disinfected and/or sterilised by autoclave for multiple uses in the healthcare sector. 

CURA G: This protective goggle guarantees total protection against splashes thanks to its sealed frame. Available in two sizes, it can be disinfected and sterilised for multiple uses. This model is available on demand, for a minimum order of 35,000 pieces.

As part of its committed ESG approach, which was reflected in the publication of the results of its first ESG report in March, Bollé Safety aims to transform its products and packaging to reduce its environmental impact. These new models are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United Kingdom in a factory powered by solar energy. 

With this new range, Bollé Safety meets its objective of offering 100% of its new products in an eco-friendly* version by 2025: the CURA F is made with a 97% recycled and recyclable polyamide frame. As for packaging, the CURA F comes with a bag made of 30% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene. The CURA G, on the other hand, is packaged in a bag made of 70% recycled and 100% recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Additionally, the various components of the products (screen and frame) can be easily separated to optimise their recycling.

Both models also feature PLATINUM Lite technology, an exclusive coating that protects the glasses from fogging and scratching

For more information, visit www.bolle-safety.com