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Bollé Safety releases Platinum technology test results

08 March 2023

BOLLÉ SAFETY reveals the results of the tests carried out on its Platinum technology: an exclusive anti-fog and anti-scratch coating applied on both sides of the lenses of its premium range of products.

Humidity, temperature variations or even wearing a mask can lead to the formation of fog inside or outside the lenses. At the same time, daily exposure to potentially damaging poor practice such as cleaning lenses with the wearer's clothes and placing lenses face down on dirty surface can cause micro-scratches on the lenses. All these causes reduce the visibility of the users; a situation partly responsible for the fact that 90% of eye injuries could have been prevented had correct protection been worn.

In a work environment where the need to maintain perfect vision in all circumstances is paramount, Bollé Safety positions itself as a leader in the PPE market, notably thanks to its exclusive Platinum technology.

Platinum by Bollé Safety, an efficient technology beyond expectations 

The safety glasses’ market is regulated in Europe by the EN166 standard: if the lenses are marked with the letter K - resistance to abrasion - and the letter N - resistance to fogging - this means that the equipment guarantees the wearer resistant protection against fog and (micro) scratch. The Bollé Safety brand called upon the independent laboratory POURQUERY to evaluate the effectiveness of its Platinum technology. The results are unequivocal and once again position the brand as a reference on the market:

  • The anti-fog coating

Fogging is one of the recurring problems that many workers face. However, ensuring optical clarity in all conditions is important to improve the prevention of work-related accidents and maximise employee productivity. To obtain the "N" certification, spectacles must pass the fog resistance test, which consists of checking that fog does not appear on the lenses for at least 8 seconds above a source of steam.

Platinum anti-fog test results: 

The representative sample of Bollé Safety glasses tested resists the appearance of fog for 15 minutes above a source of steam. A figure 100 times higher than the requirements defined within the EN166 standard.

  • The anti-scratch coating 

To obtain 'K' certification, indicating resistance to surface scratches, lenses must retain their optical qualities (luminance factor) after undergoing the fine particle deterioration test.

Platinum anti-scratch test results: 

The representative sample of Bollé Safety glasses tested retains its properties (K & N) even after 100 cleanings. The coating also responds positively to the autoclave resistance test, a product disinfection often used in clean rooms. The coating starts to degrade but remains effective after 30 autoclave cycles of 20 minutes at 121°C.

  • Other results

In addition, the laboratory analysed the chemical and time resistance of the Platinum treatment.

Platinum test results: 
Out of the 9 most commonly used chemicals in industry, PLATINUM is resistant to 8 of them and retains its K and N properties after being in contact with these products.

The tested spectacles retain their optimal effectiveness even after a simulated life of 6 months in extreme climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, and UV). The product life tests correspond to the durability of a pair of glasses over time.

These different tests demonstrate the excellence and performance of Bollé Safety's Platinum technology when faced with the hazards and challenges of daily use. This technology is available on all Premium products and on each market segment: industry, health, cleanrooms, tactical and defense, via two options:

  • The Premium version, with high-end technology for extreme environments. 

  • The second option, Platinum Lite, is a more economical version optimised for low-risk work environments (*results above are for the premium version only).

"Bollé Safety offers cutting-edge coatings and technologies with performance that has to be proven by testing carried out by third-party laboratories." Anne-Sophie François, vice president Bollé Safety Brand

The Platinum technology in a nutshell

The Platinum technology has been around for several years Lenses of Bollé Safety products are treated with a coating designed to resist hazards present in every-day work environments. Among the most popular treatments on the market are anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Platinum meets stringent safety standards that ensure workers in all industries have optimal vision, no matter the conditions: in an office, on a construction site, on a manufacturing floor. The demand for Platinum lenses has grown steadily in recent years, making this technology a necessity in the industry.


*Tested by an independent laboratory, according to the EN166 protocol, on a representative sample of NESS+ products.

For more information, visit www.bolle-safety.com