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Care home fined for breaching regulations

15 January 2018

A Lincolnshire care home has been fined £70,000 for breaching regulations in 2012.

A care home in Spalding has been fined £70,000 after allowing elderly residents to wander off the premises without anyone noticing. 

Apex Care Ltd admitted breaching health and safety regulations following an investigation into incidents at the home in 2012.

Lincoln Crown Court heard that three residents of the 28-room unit subsequently died, though the judge ruled that the incidents were not a significant factor in their deaths. 

The prosecution claimed that door alarms at the care home were not set and windows were left unlocked, that adequate risk assessments were not undertaken and plans were not put in place for residents who were confused and frail.  

The court heard that Betty Williamson, 97, walked out in February 2012. She was later found suffering from hypothermia. She was taken to hospital but fell from her hospital bed and fractured a femur. She underwent an operation but died from complications.

In August of the same year later Derek Fitch, 81, walked out of the home and wandered the streets before he was found by police and returned. He went on to develop complications related to his diabetes. He died of a heart attack whilst being treated in hospital.

Then, in November, Allan Redshaw, 84, climbed out of a window just 18 hours of being admitted to the home. He also suffered a heart attack, found unconscious and subsequently passed away.