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Multipurpose waterproof fabrics

19 January 2018

One of Europe’s largest producers of versatile workwear fabrics, Carrington Textiles, has launched a range of waterproofs. The products have been developed to meet the growing desire for multipurpose garments that don’t compromise on safety or comfort. 

This product line includes Denali Pro 2.5. Featuring a lightweight twill microfibre polyester base fabric, laminated with highly breathable hydrophilic PU membrane technology, the Denali Pro 2.5 meets the demands for a lighter weight fabric within the waterproofs market. 

The range also includes FlameStat Satin, which is both hi-vis and inherently flame retardant. Previously, workers would need to reach for a waterproof to pull over their protective garments in the rain – which would add weight and could compromise safety. Anecdotal reports from workers in industries such as oil and gas and petro-chemicals, explain that this can leave them feeling hot, tired and sweaty. FlameStat Satin combats this problem, offering a lightweight, breathable fabric that provides workers with multi-norm protection, even when operating in wet conditions.

Carrington has also created the Alaska Pro range of CORDURA-based products, which offer a new level of durability to breathable polyester waterproofs. Available in hi-vis orange and yellow, these fabrics have an extremely high tear strength – making them suitable for active outdoor workers, in sectors including the emergency services and the UK’s rail network. 

Neil Davey, sales director at Carrington Textiles, said: “We’re constantly in discussions with garment manufacturers about what is being asked for by workers in their chosen industry; whether that comes down to protection, comfort or durability. Waterproofing is an area where companies feel their workers have been let down by the market in the past – and we want to change that.  

“We’ve made several R&D breakthroughs in recent years which means workers no longer need to compromise on protective qualities, comfort or durability when working in wet conditions. We will continue to work alongside garment manufacturers and suppliers like CORDURA to produce fabrics that will improve workers safety and wellbeing in outdoor environments.”