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Fitted for the female foot

01 November 2017

Building on the success of its RedLion safety footwear range, U-Power has launched four styles specifically designed to fit the shape and contours of a woman’s foot.

The shoes are made on special lasts that perfectly match the form of the female foot – which differs in many ways from the male foot – so ensuring perfect fit and all-day comfort for ladies, and increasing their health and wellbeing.

The attractive and sporty shoes feature new mid-soles with Infinergy. The patented technology returns over 55% of positive energy to the wearer by making the insert spring back into its original shape immediately after impact, so helping to maintain the wearer’s energy for longer periods than a conventional shoe. The RedLion is claimed to dramatically reduce stress, pressure, fatigue, backache and other musculoskeletal disorders thanks to this insert.

Produced in a range of desirable colours, all four ‘RedLioness’ styles – the Verok, Cherry, Lolly and Candy – are made exclusively for women, and feature U-Power’s Airtoe aluminium toe cap, pierce-, oil-and slip-resistant soles and a breathable foodtbed. Available in sizes 2 to 8 (35 to 42), Verok, Cherry and Lolly are rated S1P, while the leather Candy is rated S3 owing to its water resistance.