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Safe access & control of confined spaces

27 October 2017

MRS Training and Rescue's new confined space management system called SACCS (Safe Access and Control of Confined Spaces) is a computerised database management system which can identify, categorise, record and store all information on confined spaces, in one electronic database.

The system uses information collected by MRS Assessors using an app that has been developed for the purposes of assessing areas at a client’s site to determine their status (confined Space/Restricted access etc). This assessment captures supporting evidence, comments, video footage and photographs to build a complete picture in real time as a record of the area being assessed.

The completed document produces a record per space of the area along with detailed information, manpower and equipment requirements that are needed to enter the area safely. A review date (based on risks identified) can then be set to re-evaluate that area should the process or activity change. Once the report is completed it is downloaded as a PDF file that cannot be changed by the operative of a complete “picture” of the area as was assessed on the day. These can be archived by the client for future reference to be reviewed by MRS as required, at a date set based on risk by the client as and when the process or activities change, helping you effectively manage your confined spaces.