Remote sensor assembly

25 August 2017

In response to an industry-wide drive towards improved worker safety and reducing maintenance downtime, Crowcon has developed a remote sensor assembly to work alongside its XgardIQ fixed point detector and transmitter. 

The remote sensor assembly allows the gas sensor to be located where gas leaks are most likely to happen, possibly including air ducts, tanks and storage locations. Meanwhile, the XgardIQ transmitter, with its display screen and push-button controls, is located where it is easy and safe to access, up to 15m away.

“Employees are put at increased risk when conducting routine maintenance in difficult-to-access locations”, explains Fiona Macrae, Marketing Manager. “We wanted to develop a solution which helps minimise this risk and, at the same time, reduces expensive maintenance downtime.”  

XgardIQ is suitable for use in many areas across a site. XgardIQ is compatible with sensor modules for a variety of gases, including flammable, toxic and oxygen. XgardIQ auto-configures to the appropriate gas type, range, unit and alarm level, the details of which are stored in the smart sensor module. This removes the need to train operatives to use different detectors. Along with its simple functionality, including push button controls, warning and screen messages and easily navigable menu, XgardIQ helps minimise a site’s training needs.