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Joining together to 'raise the bar'

24 July 2017

A number of companies who specialise in the installation of Permanent Fall Protection Systems (PFPS), which protect those who work at height, have come together to define and champion the minimum levels of competency and specialist knowledge they feel their customers deserve, and have a right to expect.

PFPS installers design and install different types of anchor and barrier systems, and provide appropriate PPE, all aimed at preventing falls from height. They work closely with the manufacturers and suppliers of the systems and equipment they install to ensure they are fully conversant with every aspect of its use. Their work is life and safety critical, addressing one of the highest levels of occupational risk.

Having met together to take their aims forward the group of PFPS installation companies considered a number of options open to them and decided, rather than establish their own independent association, to join the British Safety Industry Federation and become part of the BSIF Height Safety Group as the best route to advance their objectives.

The BSIF Height Safety Group already comprises different types of organisations, encompassing manufacturers, suppliers, and a number of installers. Their meetings are usually also attended by representatives of the Health and Safety Executive, Notified Bodies and Accredited Test Houses. They work closely with related associations and actively participate in the development of HSE guidance and British, European and global test methods and product standards. The Group also develops its own industry guidance and competency assessment scheme.

When BSIF was approached by the group of PFPS installation companies, members of the Height Safety Group (HSG) took the lead in developing a clear strategy package to demonstrate the advantages specific to their goals of joining the BSIF, and now with the addition of more installation specialists it is likely that the work of the Group will be sectionalised, with smaller groups working between the main meetings to address and develop their specific aims.

The BSIF welcomes our new installer members, and we look forward to working together to achieve their aims of competency criteria within a scheme that provides the necessary confidence for their customers, and encourages continuous improvement with on-going skills development. With the inclusion of the new specialist members the HSG now includes companies such as:
Kee Safety Group
CSS Worksafe
Highwire Ltd
High Access Solutions Ltd
Lyon Equipment Ltd

MSA Latchways plc
Safety Squared
Barnsley Safety Co Ltd

QBM Distributors Ltd
Safetyworks & Solutions
Fall Arrest System Testing
J Napper Installations Ltd

Total Access (UK) Ltd
Altus Technical Services Ltd
Roodsafe Ltd

Harcon Services Ltd
3M Capital Safety Group
Sayfa Systems (UK) Ltd
Access Testing (PTSG)

First Safety Scotland Ltd
Safety Technology Ltd
Oxford Safety Components
Tractel (UK) Ltd