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Support with international compliance

20 July 2017

Pilz is expanding its range of services for international compliance: the automation company can now also support its customers en route to NR-12-compliant machinery, thus opening up access to the Brazilian market to machine builders and users all over the world.

That's because: any manufacturer who sells machinery to Brazil must supply this machinery in compliance with the Brazilian regulatory standard (Norma Regulamentadora) NR-12. In turn, operators of machinery in Brazil are obliged to put in place protective measures for their employees in accordance with NR-12.
Pilz now offers a worldwide service package covering the relevant compliance procedures. The first step for Pilz is to carry out the required risk assessment; then it establishes compliance with the health & safety requirements of NR-12 and validates the machine at the manufacturer's. Once all the necessary documents have been translated into Portuguese, Pilz undertakes the entire process, right up to registration with the Brazilian authorities, with registration to NR-12. The automation company also provides support with commissioning and subsequent validation of the machine in Brazil.

For its customers operating internationally, Pilz can ensure NR-12 compliance through all its subsidiaries to a standard level. The company offers this service to customers internationally to a standard level, using a local partner. In the individual countries, Pilz experts utilise the comprehensive knowledge of their colleagues in Brazil: Being ‘Professional Legalmente Habilitado’, Pilz Brazil is officially accredited to provide services for users and machine builders, which are NR-12-compliant.
"Pilz is able to provide and apply local knowledge on a transnational basis and to operate across borders with the same level of professionalism and quality", Renate Pilz, Chair of the Board, is keen to stress. "In addition to CE marking for the European area, we can now open up access to the Brazilian market to customers worldwide."

In Brazil, the regulatory standards known as NR define procedures to guarantee safety in the workplace. In total there are 34 NRs, which govern safety. NR-12 is responsible for plant and machinery; in some ways it is similar to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, but it also includes specific requirements from international Type B and Type C standards.

If the specifications of NR-12 are not met in full and are not formally documented, machines will not be accepted in Brazil. By producing these "passports for machinery", Pilz is making it easier for companies who want to export machinery to access new markets.