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Durham Cathedral gets Advanced fire protection

02 June 2017

Durham Cathedral, the 1,000-year-old World Heritage Site and one of Britain’s most visited buildings, is now protected by intelligent fire panels from Advanced. 

The Advanced MxPro panels specified for the Cathedral were supplied by Custom Advanced Systems and installed by Expert Fire Solutions, both long term partners of Advanced. The fire system covers the entire Cathedral complex, including the new ‘Open Treasure’ exhibition that gives the public access to previously unseen parts of the Cathedral. It is comprised of two MxPro 5 panels, linked by fault-tolerant network cards and supplemented by a remote display terminal.  

Alan Raine, director at Expert Fire Solutions, said: “Advanced panels are our first choice every time, combining innovation, ease-of-use and reliability." Durham Cathedral is a historic gem, but also a working ecclesiastical building with over 700,000 visitors each year, so the fire system needs to be specified to the highest level, while also fitting discretely within the fabric of the structure.”

Jo Hughes, property & facilities manager at Durham Cathedral, added: “After working closely with the installation team, we concluded that Advanced panels offered the right combination of quality, reliability and functionality required for this vital system.”