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Globus introduces new range of single-use Nitrile gloves from Showa

24 April 2017

Hand protection specialist GLOBUS has worked with global manufacturer SHOWA to launch a brand new range of premium single-use nitrile gloves combining comfort, dexterity and chemical protection.

Designed to build on the highly renowned SHOWA N-DEX gloves, the new range takes high quality, single-use nitrile hand protection to new levels.

Designed for workers operating across sectors including laboratory, pharmaceutical, clean room, food industry and the automotive industry or where harmful chemicals are being used, the new glove range is manufactured using 100% nitrile.

The result is a comprehensive single-use nitrile glove offering, providing high levels of comfort and grip in addition to enhanced chemical resistance compared to traditionally-used gloves.

Combining years of technical expertise, SHOWA’s new nitrile range includes 9 different styles in 3 thicknesses, 2 different lengths and sizes from XS to XL, providing effective barrier solutions against multiple chemical hazards.

The unique SHOWA low modulus formulation enables the gloves to relax and quickly mould to the wearer’s hands for a greater fit and to reduce hand fatigue. The textured finish on the fingertips also provides enhanced grip for the user.

Silicone and powder-free for safer use, the new single use nitrile range is available in different colours and performance features including accelerator-free, antistatic and hi-viz options featuring AQL ratings ranging from 0.65 to 1.5. The majority of the range is also food approved.

CAT III certified in addition to being EN374-2, EN374-3 and EN455 compliant, all gloves are supplied dual labelled for both for PPE and medical care environments. Full and extensive chemical permeation data is also available for each of the gloves in the range to ensure the right solution for specific environments is selected.

Two gloves – the SHOWA 7580 and SHOWA 7585 - have also been tested to EN 388:2003. Both gloves are 0.20mm thick yet provide market leading abrasion resistance of level 3 and puncture performance of level 1. They are also certified against EN374-3 JKL for chemical resistance – two of only a handful of gloves available on the market with this certification.

“SHOWA - through its historic BEST glove brand – was the company that created the global nitrile disposable glove market. Looking back, this was probably one of the most important breakthroughs in hand protection. The new SHOWA single use nitrile range firmly positions SHOWA once again as leaders in this market.”

“Providing flexible and high quality multi-purpose hand protection solutions for a wide number of industries the SHOWA N-DEX® range created and set the standard in nitrile single-use protection. This new range supersedes that however with the market creators taking their heritage, protection and performance to even higher levels.” said Gregory Tessier, Hand Protection Product Development Manager for Globus.

To ensure the right glove is chosen for specific needs, Globus’ hand protection experts are also on hand to help H&S professionals select the right solution.

For more information on the new SHOWA single use nitrile range from Globus, contact the company by calling +44 (0)161 877 4747, visit www.globus.co.uk/showa-single-use or email sales@globus.co.uk.