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Dropped objects guard net

18 April 2017

Worksite cuts and abrasions are just a few minor injuries workers can sustain on a worksite due to falling or flying objects; much more serious injuries include concussion, blindness, and even death. 

Working at height, beneath scaffolds or areas where overhead work is being performed puts workers and the public below at risk from falling (dropped) objects. 

The term dropped object can be an object that falls from a height by its own weight and gravity, or an object that falls from a height due to contact with an energy source. In either case, the result can be injury and harm to people, property or the environment.

According to Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS), an object that weighs less than three pounds if dropped from a height of 30 feet can be fatal. If your worksite is typically elevated, you will definitely be dealing with dropped object hazards on a daily basis. 

Westmark recommends the use of CableSafe’s “Dropped Objects Guard Net”. This is a safety guard that actually protects with a 7 year history of high performance usage and reliability in offshore conditions.  The “Dropped Objects Guard Net” is suitable for use in construction, offshore industries and general industry.

The cost effective drop safety tool is made in Germany, and efficiently protects and prevents personnel from dropped objects accident in the worksite. The guard rail/net is made out of flame retardant coated polyester fabric with a reinforced hem provided all around, secured with lashing ratchets and come with a life span of 5 years.

Stand HS104