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From the CEO's Desk

07 March 2017

The BSIF takes Strategy on the road with support from HSE and Trading Standards

During 2016 the BSIF published the Federation’s Strategy which was designed to ensure that it was fully supporting the businesses in the UK which keep people safe and healthy while they are at work.

The Strategy was particularly well received as a plan, but as we all know cascading the message and achieving everyday living commitment is essential to delivering a successful outcome. To that end the Federation organised and invited the membership and their staff to participate in Strategy Communication Days.

We exist to support, share knowledge and ensure that the message of good safety and health being good for business is heard appreciated and passed on. Our Communications Days were aimed primarily at members’ staff, with a customer facing role as part of their job function updating them on the BSIF Strategy with the key theme that it is “Your Federation” so that by being involved they and their wide client bases would benefit, and that Occupational Safety in the UK would be enhanced.

The Communications Days were a great success and delegates, not normally directly involved with BSIF were able to appreciate their role in the key pillars of the Federation Strategy.

The first pillar of the strategy outlined was the need for us all to focus on the Rebuilding the brand of Health and Safety. While the UK has a fantastic reputation for its Safety and Health practises the public image of Health and Safety is still a problem. Pride in the discipline was agreed as essential and the strategy demands that we all drive the message that “Good Safety and Health is Good for the individual and Good for Business.”

Product Quality was the second key pillar that was put before the groups. With the Safety and Health industry being a highly regulated industry and Personal Protective Equipment often regarded as a last line of defence within the hierarchy of controls it is absolutely crucial to safety that the equipment performs as it is supposed to. The Federation outlined and got buy – in, to the strengthened Registered Safety Supplier Scheme which will be the platform for providing users with peace of mind going forward.

As well as providing the market with product quality assurances the strategy recognises the need to Educate the commercial operators so that PPE users have access to capable suppliers. PPE supply is not restricted and while anyone can “sell safety” we believe that users should not just “buy safety from anyone”. The delegates at the communication days were given a preview of the Federation’s “Safe Supply Accreditation” which will be a publicly recognised qualification allowing holders to demonstrate capability to users of safety equipment.

The fourth pillar of the strategy recognises that for the Federation’s voice to be authoritative and to be heard by regulators and legislators we need to Grow and Develop the Membership to a point where we represent 75% of the market. The strategy accurately articulates the core values of Federation and we welcome new members on the understanding that they share our values and the common purpose of improving occupational safety in the UK.

The BSIF has always been at the vanguard of product Standard Development and this is recognised as a further key focus of the Federation’s strategic pathway. Experts from within the Federation are supported to participate through BSI, CEN and ISO committees to ensure that there is always a strong UK position as international standards are being developed. This has to be a bedrock activity in this in the Brexit period.

With the HSE launching its new Helping GB Work Well Strategy in 2016 the Federation recognises the need to support in every way possible and our final strategy cornerstone is to develop and share Expertise in High Risk High Incidence Safety and Health issues. We are led by the HSE and continue to drill down through the statistics that they produce to ensure that from this evidence we are focussing our resources in areas of most need.

Delegates attending the events were able to hear presentations from the Health and Safety Executive and from Trading Standards. The days also benefited from an overview by our strategic media partner Western Business Publications outlining how our association will provide a key platform to deliver and amplify our vital communications. Our thanks go to these key stakeholders for their ongoing support.

The Communications Days for the membership were a great success, a milestone. They mark the start of deeper involvement for individuals who can create change in the safety and health market.