Committed to staff welfare

20 February 2017

In 2012 Serco Group signed a contract with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to deliver the COMPASS project, providing accommodation, associated services and transport for asylum applicants in the North West and Scotland & Ireland. 

With over 220 lone workers attached to the COMPASS team, it was important Serco understood their duty of care to their employees. In Lee Horne, business support and IT manager, and other management colleagues responsible for lone worker safety, Serco had a team committed to staff welfare. 

Using the SoloProtect reports, it became clear to Lee that Serco were not utilising the device to its full potential. It was important for Lee to fully understand the risks that faced Serco lone workers, a list including, but not limited to; working with vulnerable people, evening or night work and driver related risk. Subsequently, with a mix of staff training and on-going communication, the Serco staff began to engage; as a result, the intended device usage increased. 

Identicom is designed to look and feel like a standard identity card, ensuring it’s close to hand and discreet to use. It offers protection and is designed to fit a range of personnel and lone worker applications; whether primarily facing 'People Risk' (arising from social interaction - potential verbal abuse and attack) or 'Environmental Risk' (potential for incapacitation, commonly referred to as a 'Man Down' (incapacitation), due to illness or a sudden trip or fall). 

This coupled with the BS 8484:2016 accreditation and SoloProtect’s elite, EN50518 compliant, in-house Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) provide Serco with impressive lone worker protection.