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Lux intelligent shortlisted for awards

31 October 2016

Lux Intelligent, a leading emergency lighting testing system from global fire and life safety company Advanced, has been nominated for this year’s prestigious Lux Awards.

The system which offers users real peace of mind, unrivalled configurability and cloud monitoring, has been shortlisted under the ‘Emergency Lighting Product of the Year’ category.

Lux Intelligent is an addressable, automatic test system that shows all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning, with no engineer intervention required. It offers a host of unique technical features and proves compliance with BS 5266. It will work with any light, fluorescent or LED allowing it to be a genuine site-wide solution that offers real economies of scale.

Cloud monitoring via mobile and web apps also makes the system even easier and more cost effective to manage. All test data is stored safely and securely in the Lux Intelligent cloud for as long as it is needed, with all test reports accessible at any time and automatically shared with relevant contractors or maintenance partners.

“I don’t believe there’s another system out there that can match Lux Intelligent for performance and ease-of-use,” says Dave Henderson, the company’s emergency lighting product manager.

“The combination of zero time testing, data integrity and quick resolution of problems and maintenance needs are what make Lux Intelligent so reliable and cost effective. Add to this the fact your system can easily scale to cover any site anywhere and work with just about any light or LED fitting, and you've got a system that’s unbeatable and future-proofed. We can demonstrate the savings involved very quickly.

“We’re absolutely delighted that the organisers of the Lux Awards have recognised these benefits by including the Lux Intelligent on the shortlist,” added Dave.