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Rotating reel clamp attachment

28 October 2016

Packline Materials Handling's new reel clamp attachment has been designed to provide greater load capacity, strength, durability and improved ease of use.

The new design provides better wear resistance. There is less friction making the clamp attachment easier to operate; and providing a better grip on the reel. The new design also provides precise control of the motor and hence the position of the clamp in rotation.

The clamp attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of reels which are between 250mm and 600mm in diameter. The manual clamping action is provided by a hand-wheel which has a torque limiter fitted so that the clamp does not over tighten.

The clamp can also be rotated through 360 degrees and can be locked off in increments of 90 degrees with the unique quick release system. The attachment is suitable for the food industry and other clean room applications. The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service ensuring the right solution can be made to suit any make or size of reel or drum.

All Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be easily fixed or removed from any model of Compac fitted with the quick release system.

Specifications: Attachment Lift Capacity:  200kg / 440.93lbs (maximum) Load Centre (C of G):      561mm / 22.09 inches (from column) Attachment Mass:    64kg / 141.10lbs Main Materials:      Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium