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Infrared remote controls

05 July 2016

Terex Material Handling’s new generation of Demag DIR infrared (IR) remote controls provides crane operators with a viable alternative to conventional radio controls.

The Demag DIR range incorporates a variety of innovative features for the reliable and efficient control of material handling systems. 

One of the principal advantages of the Demag DIR system over radio controllers is the considerably shorter range, of some 40 metres between the transmitter and sensor(s), which is of benefit when the operator wants to limit the distance at which the crane can be controlled, for safety reasons. This specifically limited range ensures that operators are always in close proximity to the equipment, providing a clear view of the lifting and moving process. There is no risk that the IR control system will be influenced or impaired by radio systems and the IR offers no potential for interference with other radio controls. 

The Demag DIR’s rugged hand held transmitter housing is based on the design used for Demag radio controls, meaning that users will be familiar with the controller layout and can use the same keypad concept for both transmission methods. 

Like Demag radio control systems, up to ten crane systems may be controlled simultaneously in an enclosed area. The high contrast bi-colour display provides a clear overview of the device and warning information, which affords the highest level of safety.