Portable multi-gas detector

08 September 2015

Crowcon has launched a portable multigas detector which is designed to provide advanced protection for employees working in harsh environments and to minimise the cost of ownership through faster servicing.

The T4 detector will enable companies to ensure compliance to safety standards by protecting employees against unsafe levels of the most commonly monitored gas combination carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and a range of flammable gase

Among the key features of the T4 are Crowcon’s +ve Safety status indicator; easy one-button operation; clip-on filter plates, and a TWA resume facility.

+ve Safety is Crowcon’s simple ‘traffic light’ status indicator, which at a glance, allows the user to check the compliance status of the unit without having to read and interpret the data shown on the detector’s display screen.


Time-weighted average (TWA) resume ensures TWA logged doses of toxic gases are not reset when the unit is shutdown, for example during a break, reducing the risk of worker overexposure to toxic gases.

The clip-on filter plates make it faster and easier for users to replace the gas filter, which is an essential safety precaution in dirtier environments to prevent the detector’s sensors from being compromised by dirt, dust or contamination in the working environment. Rugged, IP65- and IP67-rated housing offers enhanced reliability in harsh environments.