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Special support to manage electrical safety effectively

25 August 2015

Electrical test specialist Seaward has organised a series of seminars around the country to help those responsible for maintaining safety at work to better understand portable appliance testing.



In addition, for a limited period, it is also offering a special added value test package offer on its most advanced PAT tester, the patented Apollo 600.

The free seminars are aimed at dutyholders and those involved in managing electrical safety regimes in the workplace. The events will provide expert advice on current industry best practice, dispel some of the myths around PAT and explain the benefits of a risk-based approach.

Specific topics will include an overview of the regulations and the IET Code of Practice, training requirements and competency issues, and how to adopt a common sense approach to testing.

The free events are being held at a number locations around the UK.

Register for your free place here. 

In support of the seminars Seaward is giving away free PAT record keeping and health and safety software and access to a practical online training course with all purchases of the Seaward Apollo 600 PAT tester kit.

The patented Apollo 600 tester is specially designed to meet best practice advice for a risk based approach to PAT. It includes a built-in risk assessment tool and an integral digital camera to allow a range of workplace hazards to be recorded, evaluated and corrective actions determined. 

More details at www.seaward.co.uk/userfiles/apollo-600-with-patguard-3-offer.php?gmsource=Health%20and%20Safety%20Matters