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Intelligent fixed-point gas detector

19 August 2015

Crowcon Detection Instruments has introduced XgardIQ – an intelligent and versatile gas detector and transmitter compatible with Crowcon’s full range of sensor technologies.

XgardIQ is available fitted with a variety of flammable, toxic or oxygen gas sensors or may be installed with a remote sensor housing up to 15 metres from the transmitter. Providing analogue 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus signals as standard, XgardIQ is optionally available with Alarm and Fault relays and HART communications. 

XgardIQ helps to minimise the time that operators must spend in the hazardous area performing routine maintenance functions. Sensor modules can be simply and quickly "hot-swapped" without a hot-work permit, either for replacement with a new pre-calibrated replacement module, or for temporary removal to a safe area for calibration. Engineers thus avoid the need to carry compressed gas cylinders on-site and the sensor module can be tested and calibrated in the safety of a laboratory.

Crowcon’s "+ve Safety" feature confirms the detector is operating safely using a bright blue LED and screen messages. XgardIQ automatically alerts operators to any irregular events that may affect product integrity such as the ambient temperature or gas concentration exceeding sensor limits. 

XgardIQ deploys novel features to simplify commissioning. XgardIQ can be installed without a sensor module, protected from the elements using a sealed ‘dummy’ module. Pre-calibrated sensor modules can then be supplied immediately prior to commissioning. The XgardIQ transmitter will automatically configure to the correct gas-type, scale and alarm levels when a sensor module is inserted.