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Crowcon maximises versatility with customisable gas detection controllers

05 December 2019

The latest customisable gas detection controllers from Crowcon are designed to maximise versatility.

Key points:

  • Digital or analogue communications – GM controllers offer 4-20mA analogue or digital addressable communications. The digital option minimises cabling, costs and installation time by enabling users to set up multiple fixed gas detectors on a single power and signal line.
  • Customisable controller configuration – Users can build the controller to meet their requirements. This reduces costs and complexity by including only what the specific application demands. 
  • Remote viewing and control - View live feed and stored data remotely, as well accessing all the functions of the controllers via an internet browser.
  • Multiple display formats – Users can adjust the way data is displayed to highlight their priorities. 

The modular design of Crowcon’s new GM series controllers delivers versatility since each controller is built to the user’s specification. This includes the choice of input and output types and channel quantity, as well as mounting type and power supply options. The controllers can also be upgraded by adding additional functionality at any time after the initial installation. 

The controllers can be specified for traditional 4-20mA analogue communications if that is what the user already works with. However, they can also be supplied with digital addressable communications, which allows multiple fixed detectors to be linked together on a single communication loop. This drastically reduces the cabling and labour costs, as well as the time taken to complete the overall system installation. Users can also choose to mix the two for further flexibility.

There are three models in the new range. The GM16 provides up to 16 channels, GM64 has 64-channel capacity and the GM128 offers up to 128 channels. The large number of channels enables users to complete applications through one controller, regardless of whether they need a small or large number of channels.

With the GM controller series targeting hazardous gas monitoring applications, the easy-to-use navigation and configuration features improve safety by minimising the time users need to spend in potentially hazardous locations.

The ability to view data and configure the controller remotely improve safety even further. All data and functions can be accessed from the controller front panel or the information can be fed to a remote fixed computer screen or mobile device with internet capability. 

Versatility extends to the various formats in which the GM series can display data, helping users to keep track of the information that’s most important for them. All live channels can be displayed simultaneously for a constant check on the system status, with different colours used to highlight alarms. Data can also be displayed in zones, with a separate channel assigned to each zone and up to eight zones displayed at once. In addition, data trends can be displayed for the most recent 24 hours or 30 minutes for a specific channel. 

Users can change the display options with a simple scroll button at the controller or with a click via tabs on the remote view via internet browser. 

Click here to find out more information about the Crowcon GM series controllers: www.crowcon.com.