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Evacuation plan & responsible person

21 May 2015

Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order in October 2005, it is the responsibility of every employer to nominate a responsible person to oversee the management of fire safety, explains Evac+Chair International, the manufacturer of evacuation chairs.

The company adds: "The responsible person has a duty to ensure there is a comprehensive and current risk assessment in place. It is also their responsibility to implement and maintain adequate fire safety measures to prevent a fire and keep people safe ensuring they can evacuate in the event of an emergency.

"When carrying out a risk assessment, particular attention will be paid to ensure those who need additional help, such as children, the mobility impaired and the elderly have access to the necessary provisions and that these are in place.

"An emergency evacuation plan, known as a PEEP, should be readily available; this is a written document which details the action to be taken by all staff in the event of fire. The plan must be available to the enforcing authority for their inspection. 

"The responsible person will take control of all in-house compliance, including training. Non-compliance of fire regulations can be expensive and ultimately lead to loss of liberty in more severe circumstances."

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