Compressed air safety

30 March 2015

In a move to help customers and the wider fluid power market comply with current safety directives and better understand the risks of not taking simple and cost effective measures to safeguard employees, plant and equipment; Tom Parker are continuing their focus on raising awareness via their ‘Safety First’ campaign.

Tom Parker have distributed high quality, innovative pneumatic and hydraulic connection solutions for more than 40 years. With a dedicated short form catalogue, which launched in March, they will provide customers with a comprehensive selection of safety focused fluid power solutions to suit a wide range of applications.

The Protect Air brand of compressed air safety products is also being distributed directly to the UK fluid power market by Tom Parker. A key product is the ‘HoseGuard’. Essential for instances where pressure exceeds pre-set safety levels, this small but effective air fuse eliminates the risk of hose whip by automatically activating an internal piston, reducing the supply of compressed air and allowing the airline to equalise back to safe levels. 

Another product that is easy to fit into any line is the ‘ToolReg’; an independent piston regulator, which when mounted onto any pneumatic tool both regulates and maintains pressure during operation and disconnection. 

Sales manager Sebastian Cole said: "Our safety focused ranges are carefully selected to make sure they easily, quickly and cost effectively enable every company to safeguard their employees, guard against down time due to process upset and maintain the life of their equipment."