Safe & space-saving

19 February 2015

Combilift’s Combi-WR range of pedestrian reach stackers with innovative ergonomics and features such as a pantograph reach, side shift and tilting fork carriage is said to ensure a safer working environment for both the operator and other personnel in the vicinity.

With lift heights of up to 4.9m and a load capacity of 1,450kg, it also offers space saving handling and storage of both palletised and long loads in very narrow aisles – it is the only pedestrian reach stacker which can work in an aisle-width of 2.1m pallet to pallet. 

The Combi-WR’s design, with its patented multi-position tiller arm, electronic power steering and precise fingertip controls make it easy to operate, reducing general manual strain. Push button control on the tiller rotates the rear wheel parallel to the chassis to ease picking and placing loads in confined areas, allowing the operator to remain at the side of the unit rather than between the rear and the racking, eliminating crush risk. This position also avoids the need for the operator to look through the mast and enhances visibility. 

2-speed operation is controlled by a rabbit/turtle switch, speeds can also be adjusted or customised to suit the level of the operator’s experience and safer travelling around corners is also ensured as the Combi-WR reduces speed when cornering.  


Stand D42