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Skanska and Specsavers work to improve road safety

21 January 2015

One of the top construction groups in the UK, Skanska, is utilising the expertise of Specsavers Corporate Eyecare in a bid to increase road safety among its many drivers.

Skanska has been working with road safety charity Brake to promote road safety, but needed specific expertise and knowledge when it came to promoting the importance of regular eyecare. Tracey Bass, corporate account manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, spent two days at Skanska’s offices, offering advice and information relating to driver eyesight.
Vision screening
Vitally, Tracey used one of Specsavers’ vision screeners to actively assess the eyesight of the Skanska employees. The vision screener is a tool used to give an indication of levels of vision, and whether the person would benefit from a full eye examination. Tracey explains: "Vision screening is not an adequate assessment of eye health or complete visual competency, but, it can be a useful tool in raising awareness of failures in vision and in encouraging people to visit their optometrist."
Any Skanska employees who did not perform well in the vision screening, or who gave Tracey reason for concern, were advised to make an appointment with their optometrist as soon as possible, to receive a full eye examination.
Team work
Tracey worked alongside Angie Prior, from the Fleet Team. Angie says: "We had two very productive days. A number of staff were given the recommendation to visit their optician for an eye examination and full eyesight test, which we would hope may work as a preventative measure and increase their road safety."
Skanska is keen to continue its relationship with Specsavers Corporate Eyecare and has already begun discussing how Specsavers can continue to further support its initiatives in 2015.
Wide reaching
Tracey continues: "An eye examination goes much further than purely assessing sight over distance. For drivers it is important to also check peripheral vision and the ability to focus between near and far objects. A full eye examination may also aid with the detecting and monitoring of serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and risk of stroke or heart attack."
Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has developed Driver Eyecare eVouchers, specifically designed for employees who drive in the course of their work.
Driver Eyecare eVouchers cost £35 each and provide:
  • A full eye examination
  • If required, a pair of glasses from the £45 range, fitted with standard PENTAX CR39 single vision lenses plus a scratch-resistant treatment
or a £45 contribution towards other frame ranges or lens options
  • If corrective glasses are not needed, a pair of non-prescription sunglasses from a selected range are provided.
Premium Club is built into every Diver Eyecare eVoucher and offers a further £20 contribution when glasses are selected from the £99 range or above, thus giving a combined contribution of £65.