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Hydropower safety

20 January 2015

In a first for the company, industrial safety specialist Castell is participating in the construction of a Chinese hydropower plant.

Castell will provide multiple sets of FS industrial safety interlocks and key exchange boxes for the large project currently under construction in Xianju, Zhejiang province. The devices are designed to prevent the busbar earthing switch from connecting during maintenance on high voltage switchgear and so guarantee the safety of maintenance staff.


Tian Xinhai, Castell China sales manager, said: "This is the first time Castell has entered the Chinese hydropower field, which is of landmark significance to Castell's business in China. While maintaining our leading edge in the fields of nuclear and thermal power, we will use the experience gathered from those fields to provide quality products and services for our Chinese hydropower clients.”


More than 5bn yuan (£535m) has been invested in the hydropower plant project in Xianju. The project will take five and a half years to complete. Upon completion, the system's comprehensive thermal power peak load regulation range will be cut by 2.44%, reducing the system's standard coal consumption by 155,000 tonnes. After being put into operation, the plant will participate in system frequency and phase modulation operations and act as an emergency system backup. It will improve power grid frequency and voltage stability levels, helping to ensure the grid’s safe and stable operation. The plant’s ability to receive large amounts of external power across long distances will be particularly important, and its installed capacity will increase the size of the East China and Zhejiang grids.