Safe & reassured

24 November 2014

Connexion2 has provided its Identicom device and SoloProtect service to more than 550 employees at Sovereign Housing Association, providing a key part of their duty of care to staff.

Employees including anti-social behaviour officers, housing support workers and housing officers use Connexion2’s 8 series device which allows two-way audio and remote software updates to maximise efficiency.

Identicom retains its discreet identity badge form, which allows a worker to activate a ‘Red Alert’ (24/7 audio link to Alarm Receiving Centre support) if a worker is at risk of verbal abuse, physical attack or a slip, trip or fall.

Through GSM technology, staff at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can monitor and listen into a situation, escalating directly to the emergency services if necessary. GPS technology fitted into the device can also help locate a lone worker.

Anti-social behaviour officer at Sovereign, Dave Brown, said: "I was impressed with the customer service and support following a recent situation where I used the ‘Red Alert’. I was immediately called following its conclusion, and the advisor was able to recount what had been heard, and checked that I was not only safe, but felt reassured as well."

Identicom is supplied through Connexion2’s SoloProtect solution which includes the device, inclusive billing, 24/7 manned monitoring,