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Health & safety manual

21 July 2014

After over 40 years, the number one bestselling Construction Health & Safety Manual from Construction Industry Publications is changing.

Written by health and safety directors and advisors who represent a wide cross section of the UK's leading construction companies and clients, this Construction Health and Safety Manual aims to provide construction companies working in the UK with a useful and pragmatic tool to help them comply with their legal duties and to improve the way health and safety issues are managed throughout the construction process.

The new manual, which is endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive, contains: Six new colour coded sections grouping like topics together; new sections entitled Health and Safety Management, Managing Project Health, Safety and Welfare and Site Set Up, and Work related road safety; updated guidance in the Training, Lifting Operations, Demolition, Lifting Operations, Environment and Electricity sections and new guidance on cycle safety.


It also contains a new and comprehensive legal section – including interpretation of key construction legislation, register of legislation and summary of all relevant construction related legislation.


CIP are offering a 40% discount off the hardcopy and CDROM versions until 30th September 2014, with offers for previous subscribers and free trials on the online version www.cip-bluebook.com