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Neutralising eyewash for high risk applications

01 October 2013

Cederroth neutralising eyewash is specifically designed for high risk applications where chemical splashes or dust may contaminate the eye. Effective against both acid and alkaline splashes it is formulated to be especially effective against alkalis which are the most serious and the most common cause of workplace chemical eye injuries.

In chemical eye injuries irrigation is one of the key success factors in minimising long term damage.

Independently proven, Cederroth Eyewash is significantly more effective at bringing the pH level in the eye back to safe levels compared to irrigating with traditional sterile eyewash or tap water.

Cederroth eyewash bottles incorporate a unique eye cup which ensures the eyewash is focussed directly into the eye and therefore minimises waste whilst maximising irrigation. They eye cup seals around the eye socket allowing for a steady continuous flow of fluid to the eye for over 90 seconds.
Cederroth eyewash is tried and tested in a range of different workplace environments in over 40 countries worldwide. It is one of the few eyewash products to meet the requirements of the EU Medical Devices Directive and the US FDA.

It is a truly multilingual product with instructions for use in over 20 languages.

For more information or to buy online visit www.cederrothfirstaid.co.uk