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Video alerts contractors and operators to work at height crushing dangers

12 July 2013

In a further move to prevent deaths or serious injury caused by crushing when working at height, AFI has produced a new video to help powered access users understand some of the risks that they face and how anti-entrapment devices can help to protect them.

The animated video can be viewed at www.AFI-WorkZone.co.uk 


AFI Director Austin Baker, said: "This video will help main contractors, sub contractors and operators understand how a preventative approach to anti-entrapment should always be the first option. 

"There are many systems in the market that have their own unique benefits, however when you watch the video it is easy to see the various entrapment issues facing the operator as the effects of motion through lift and travel are transmitted through the machine when either going over obstacles, or when working close to overhead objects. For me a protection system that prevents injury is the only sensible option.” 

"Hopefully at the very least this video will be used as a training option through toolbox talks, enabling managers and operators alike to better understand the potential for injury and plan their risk assessment and method statement accordingly,” he added.

One of the risks to users highlighted in the video is working on a machine that is travelling on undulating ground. The video points out that an 85’ (25.9m) boom elevated at 45 degrees with full outreach travelling over a 4” (102mm) rise in the ground will raise 40” (1016mm) in just 1.23 seconds. That would quickly put the operator at risk of being crushed against an overhead obstacle if the machine were not fitted with a solid anti-entrapment device.