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BSC champions environmental management

23 January 2013

The British Safety Council has launched a globe of honour to recognise elite performance in environmental management...

The British Safety Council has launched a globe of honour to recognise elite performance in environmental management.

The Globe of Honour will celebrate the top performers, those organisations that go way beyond compliance with the law, and strive for best practice in all areas of environmental management.

This increasingly important field continues to have deep resonance with businesses facing the twin challenges of climate change and recession. Businesses must look at ways in which they can become more efficient and consider their long term sustainability. More and more companies are opening their eyes to the fact that good environmental management equates to sound financial management and competitive advantage.

The Globe of Honour is a pinnacle of achievement in the field and will formally recognise those companies who have fully embraced environmental management and sustainability as a core business operation. The award mirrors the British Safety Council's already highly successful and competitive Sword of Honour scheme, which recognises the top performers in occupational health and safety from around the world. Applications will be judged annually by a panel of independent adjudicators.

The eligibility criteria are strict. Firstly, organisations must have undertaken the British Safety Council Five Star Environmental Audit. Secondly, organisations must have been awarded the maximum five out of five stars in their audit performance. And even then, only a select number of the best applicants each year will go on to be awarded a Globe.

Dr Keith Whitehead, Environmental Advisor for the British Safety Council, says that “there is no other audit scheme that covers the range of environmental practices that the Five Star Environmental Audit does, and therefore the Globe of Honour winners can confidently say that they have reached a world class standard in environmental management.”

Julie Nerney, chief executive of the British Safety Council, says: “Gone are the days when the sole purpose of big business was to generate revenue for the shareholders. Today Corporate Social Responsibility continues to climb the agenda for many organisations and environmental management is at the forefront. The Globe of Honour will strive to raise standards even further and encourage more organisations to be the best they can, for themselves and for their environment.”