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Head-to-toe 'protecting planet' range

03 April 2023

UVEX WILL use this year's Health & Safety Event to highlight its innovative head-to-toe PPE range that offers impressive sustainability credentials without compromising quality or wearability.

Under the motto 'protecting planet', uvex will present a complete product system of environmentally friendly products, from safety helmets to footwear, to demonstrate its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, waste, materials, water consumption and energy.

uvex experts will also be on hand to explain how uvex can help companies calculate the potential carbon savings they can achieve by choosing uvex's protecting planet range. 

Environmentally friendly product system 

The lightweight uvex pheos planet safety helmet, which features a sporty design and offers maximum wearer comfort, is just one of the products that will be on show. The helmet's shell is made from 30% bio-based material, the headband is made from 50% recycled material, and the product's packaging is 100% recyclable.

Visitors will also be able to see the uvex i-guard planet, a versatile range of protective eyewear suitable for virtually any workplace hazard or environment, which can save on the overall quantity of glasses or goggles needed. The i-guard's side arms are made from 39% bio-based materials, the face seal is made from at least 35% recycled granulate, and the polythene bag is made from 70% recycled material.

uvex is happy to share that 100% of the power used to produce the uvex xact-fit planet earplugs, which will feature at the event, comes from renewable energy sources. Moreover, 100% recycled polypropylene (PP) is used to create the ergonomically shaped stems of the xact-fit planet, which are subject to rigorous testing and contain as few harmful substances as possible.

Meanwhile, the uvex Bamboo TwinFlexD xg planet safety gloves exceed health protection REACH regulations and are made from 45% sustainable materials, including bamboo fibres and recycled polyamide. Thanks to its innovative yarn technology, the uvex Bamboo TwinFlex D xg adapts to the unique shape of every hand. The glove gets noticeably more comfortable with each passing minute - come and try it for yourself and see how the glove becomes increasingly flexible and adjusts to fit the shape of your hand - all within a very short time.

Last but by no means least, the uvex 1 G2 planet safety footwear model offers sustainability and performance — from its upper to its sole. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 14021:2016 and in terms of weight, 30% of the shoe is made of recycled materials without compromising on protective features or comfort. The upper insole, is made from 100% recycled material, while the midsole is made from 20% recycled granulate made of PU residues and the TPR scuff cap is made from 40% recycled TPU. 

Calculate your carbon savings 

With the CSRD and EU Taxonomy Regulation coming into force, the carbon footprint of every product used in a company becomes an important part of its overall carbon footprint. 

By specifying the CO2 footprint of its products, uvex already offers a high level of transparency, thus aiding in the selection and evaluation of more sustainable products. 

The determined CO2 values allow a comparison between uvex standard products and products with sustainable features, such as proportions of recycled or bio-based materials. 

The amount of CO2 saved per product can easily be extrapolated to the number of employees in a company. This can quickly lead to significant savings in relation to the service life, thus immediately reducing the company's CO2 footprint. For example, a uvex 1 G2 planet with 7.3 kg CO2 saves 1.1 kg CO2 per pair compared to a uvex 1 G2 with a knitted shaft with 8.4 kg CO2. Assuming a service life of 12 months, this would be just under one tonne of CO2 per year for 900 employees. That is equivalent to a journey of 4900 kilometres with a mid-range petrol engine. 

Clair Weston, marketing manager at uvex says, "We are really excited about showing our head-to-toe "protecting planet" range at the Health & Safety Event 2023 and sharing the great progress we are making on our sustainability journey.

"There's no room for greenwashing anymore, customers expect any claims made by companies about the environmental performance of their products to stand up to scrutiny and we are confident the uvex “protecting planet” range does just that. 

"uvex has been seriously committed to sustainability for many years now with the upshot being that we can now offer an entire product system that has rigorous environmental credentials without compromising on quality or wearability. Come and visit us on the uvex stand to find out more.” 

For more information, visit www.uvex-safety.co.uk/en/