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Updated vehicle restraint system

16 June 2021

FOLLOWING EXTENSIVE redesign, manufacturing and on-site testing across the world, Stertil Dock Products has launched its latest generation Combilok G2 automated vehicle restraint system.

As in any environment, many loading bay injuries are caused by simple trips and falls.  However, the vast majority of serious accidents are due to the inadvertent movement of vehicles during loading and unloading operations. In other words, if vehicle movement –  including ‘creep’ and careless ‘drive-offs’ – can be effectively prevented, then such accidents are avoided and serious injuries eliminated.

The original Combilok vehicle restraint system from Stertil Dock Products was developed exclusively to reduce the risk of unintentional vehicle movement on loading bays and offers a ‘safety net’ against poor communication by holding vehicles in one place until loading or unloading is completed. Not only does this improve safety, it also eliminates damage to expensive goods and equipment and helps guard against theft. Now, 25 years after the introduction of the original Combilok, Stertil has launched the Combilok G2.

Featuring an advanced operating system, Stertil’s new fully-patented Combilok G2 effectively blocks one of the rear wheels of a vehicle during the loading and unloading process in order to prevent accidents to personnel and damage to goods, vehicles and the warehouse building. 

Various dangerous situations are prevented by the new Combilok G2 including premature 'drive-offs'. This can be caused by time-pressures or miscommunication between the driver and warehouse personnel, resulting in the vehicle being driven away inadvertently during loading and unloading operations. Another potential hazard is 'vehicle creep'. Due to the continual movement and sharp braking of fork trucks as they travel in and out of a delivery vehicle, a small gap can occur between the vehicle floor and the dock leveller. This gap has the potential to gradually grow whereby it becomes a significant hazard and can cause trucks to shed their loads and, sometimes, actually tip over. 

The Combilok G2 provides versatility and flexibility to meet the challenges of fast-paced distribution centres that operate 24/7 throughout 365 days a year. Commercial vehicles of all types and sizes are accommodated – from small vans up to large articulated lorry and trailer combinations. This flexibility ensures total safety even when dealing with vehicles fitted with side skirts and tail lifts.

This flexibility is further enhanced by the impressive range of blocking heights provided by the new Combilok G2. Blocking heights may be selected from 240mm to 460mm depending on the vehicle to be loaded or unloaded. Also, users may choose to have two alternative blocking heights selectable by their operatives to cater for different/awkward vehicle types. In addition, with no extra humps or blocks required in the approach to the docking area, the Combilok G2 is said to represent a significant innovation compared to many other vehicle restraint systems.

Measuring just 4800mm in length and requiring only 6300mm of installation space, the new Combilok G2 has been designed as a very compact automated vehicle restraint system. This results in extra shunting space and unrestricted freedom for vehicles to manoeuvre. The sturdy weatherproof galvanised steel construction of the Combilok G2 provides excellent protection for all the integral hydraulic and electrical components which also means that the need for on-site civil engineering work is minimal.

Designed-in safety systems are at the heart of the Combilok G2 with an emphasis on total visibility during both daytime and night time working. Hi-vis black and yellow chevron striping is complemented by a contra wheel guide to enable the driver to position their vehicle safely and accurately within the loading bay. 

An optional advanced guidance system, featuring automated indirect energy-efficient LED lighting ensures absolute visibility and safe guidance for the driver especially when the light is poor. Also, white LED lighting is available for the Combilok G2 which is activated by a sensor from dusk to dawn or with reduced light during the day. There is also an intermittent red and white LED light option that automatically activates when the Combilok G2 is in use.

To ensure ‘double lock’ safety during all loading and unloading operations, the new Combilok G2 may be installed complete with a two-way interlocking feature. This optional level of security prevents the warehouse door being opened and the dock leveller operated until the vehicle is securely restrained.

Andy Georgiou, general manager of Stertil Dock Products, comments: “Our new Combilok G2 has been designed and developed following 25 years’ experience of our original pioneering Combilok vehicle restraint system. Now, the fully-patented Combilok G2 will ensure our continued dominance of the global loading bay equipment market by setting new standards of performance, reliability and safety.” 

To view a video of the new Combilok G2, go to: https://www.stertilcombilokg2.com/uk/ and, for further information, visit: www.stertil-dockproducts.co.uk